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Cases and deaths shown by reported number, not per population

England Cases & Deaths

This chart uses only the England deaths reported on coronavirus.data.gov.uk.

England Daily Deaths

This chart combines the latest daily death data from the Office for National statistics and the latest England deaths reported on coronavirus.data.gov.uk. Started from the first date over 100 daily deaths.

England Regional Cases

England Regional Cases & Deaths

The deaths are only updated on Tuesdays with the ONS data, in order to include all deaths (inside and outside of hospitals). For daily hospital deaths, visit NHS England


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East of England Cases & Deaths

London Cases & Deaths

The Midlands Cases & Deaths

North East Cases & Deaths

North West Cases & Deaths

South East Cases & Deaths

South West Cases & Deaths

What to Do

If you are displaying any signs of coronavirus symptoms, such as:
- a high fever,
- a dry cough,
- or shortness of breath,
then you must follow the government guidelines to self isolate. Do not visit a hospital, GP, or pharmacy.
Call 111 if your symptoms worsen or do not improve for 7 days. Only call 999 if you have an emergency.
For more information, see the Gov.uk guide.

About the Data

The data shown above has been collected from the Gov.uk site, NHS England, and the Office for National Statistics.
Updates are generally released between 2-6pm GMT, and this site is updated every Tuesday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the daily deaths and cases change every day?

At present, many deaths and cases are released on the most recent day and then later added to the correct date. This most commonly occurs with the death data, as some deaths are released weeks after they happened. As a result, the daily death rate and cases are constantly changing.

Why isn't there a chart for the English testing data?

Unlike all the other nations, the English testing data has not been released on the usual government sites. As such, it cannot be accurately retrieved or updated and so has not been included on this site. The number of individuals tested in England for the 'Percentage of English' chart is calculated using the data from the other nations.

What happened to the fatality rates chart?

As a large number of English cases have not been confirmed by the government (those that are tested in the National Testing Centres), the fatality rates for those who tested positive became too unreliable to display on this site.

Why are the Midlands and the North East and Yorkshire using combined graphs?

These two areas have frequently been grouped together in data released by the government, up until late April. To maintain consistency in data collection, they are represented together here.

Who made this site?

This site is a personal project that is not affiliated with any organisation or government entity. Although best efforts are made to make sure the data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, there are occasionally some errors or typos. If you notice a mistake that is not quickly rectified, please send an email to contact@coronainfo.uk. If you find this site useful, please share it with your friends or consider sending a donation.