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From June 30th, this site will only be updated every Tuesday.

UK Cases & Deaths

Sources: , , Public Health Wales , and Department of Health NI
See note on death data for why the deaths are more than the death total.

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East of England

The Midlands

East and West Midlands combined data

North East & Yorkshire

North East and Yorkshire combined data

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Northern Ireland

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Cases and deaths shown by reported number, not per population

UK Daily Deaths

Combines death data from all 4 nations for each date. Started from the first date over 100 daily deaths.
It combines the latest daily death records from the Office for National Statistics with the latest daily deaths released by each nation.
See note on death data for why the deaths are different to the deaths.

UK Tests

"UK Tests": the amount of tests performed.
"UK Tested": the number of people who have had a coronavirus test. Some individuals are tested several times.
See note for why the testing data increased sharply on April 6

Tested, Infected, & Deceased

This chart shows the number of tested, infected, and deceased as a percentage of the UK population.
The number of individuals tested in the UK has not been released by the government since May 22nd.
Infection rates include only those tested. The actual figures are likely to be higher. See note on data.

Fatality Rate

This data represents the fatality rates of those who have been tested.
Fatality figures are likely to be lower than the above, as many individuals have not been tested.

UK ONS Deaths by Age & Gender

This data includes deaths reported for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
This data is released on a weekly basis, and records data from the previous week.

Deaths per 100,000 Comparison

This chart shows the number of deaths per 100,000 population for each nation over time.
The UK deaths includes data from all 4 nations.
'UK (Total)' includes the most recent deaths from the Office for National Statistics (England and Wales), Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the latest daily deaths. This line will be corrected weekly as new data is released.

All UK Cases (Local Data)

England Lower Tier Local Authorities & Scotland councils data now added!
Click on 'Per 10,000' to sort by the areas with the lowest/highest cases per 10,000 population *Unreported cases are likely to be high - see note for more details


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England Cases & Deaths


Scotland Cases & Deaths


Wales Cases & Deaths

Source: Public Health Wales

Northern Ireland Cases & Deaths

Source: Department of Health NI

World Data

About the Data


The UK is still largely limiting its coronavirus testing to those who show severe respiratory symptoms and go to a hospital. As a result, the actual number of cases is likely to be much higher than officially reported. The cases recorded on this site may be used to identify the number of individuals with severe symptoms or who are among the NHS workers who have been tested for the virus without severe symptoms.


The UK death toll released on and on the the government dashboard do not include the latest death rates for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Consequently, the UK death toll by the government and daily reported increase are out of date. The up-to-date number of deaths reported in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are recorded on this site.
If you do not believe that the data on this site is accurate, please check the following sources each day for accurate figures:
Scottish Government, the Department of Health NI, and Public Health Wales.

Additionally, the number of deaths in the UK is higher than the reported totals by each national government. From April 29, the government began reporting some deaths outside of hospitals in England as part of their death total. This lead to a large jump in deaths in England/UK on April 29, as it included previously ignored deaths.
All deaths that occur in England and Wales are also reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The data can be found on the ONS site every week or on the ONS page on CoronaInfoUK.


From April 6, began including the total number of tests concluded, including those who have been tested multiple times for clinical reasons. As a result, the testing data from April 5-6 increased by 57,688, accounting for a large increase in the data. However, the actual number of tests completed on April 6 was 13,323.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the daily deaths and cases change every day?

At present, many deaths and cases are released on the most recent day and then later added to the correct date. This most commonly occurs with the death data, as some deaths are released weeks after they happened. As a result, the daily death rate and cases are constantly changing.
This site is updated and backdated whenever new information becomes available.

Why isn't there more Scotland data?

A huge wealth of accurate Scotland data is provided by TravellingTabby. It is unnecessary for this site to generate additional charts and graphs on the data.

What happened to the recovery rates?

The recovery rates for the UK are currently unavailable.

Who made this site?

This site is a personal project that is not affiliated with any organisation or government entity. Although best efforts are made to make sure the data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, there are occasionally some errors or typos. If you notice a mistake that is not quickly rectified, please send an email to If you find this site useful, please share it with your friends or consider sending a donation.